Understanding the Puzzle – Healing for Men (2)

Scene 1

Land of the Long White Cloud.  NZ

Photographer wishes to remain anonymous

I am seeing during this lockdown and isolation period is hitting men very hard.  You are being forced to sit down and trying to find something new to do.  Very few of you will have had time to really unwind.  It is a new experience this time being able to allow your mind, body and spirit to relax and rest.

In between all the noise going on around you.  Your soul is reaching out to be healed memories from the past are coming to the fore and not all of them will be good.  You do not understand why NOW.

Are you allowing your self to rest completely ….. switch off that TV.  

Why NOW as you can relax the body detoxes, there are many ways your body can detox not just diet.  Men really do not spend time facing their life with all its trauma.  Men are the ones who really sweep away their hurts and pain.  They have to get on with providing for the family and working a job often too long hours with little time off to recuperate.  The pressure of the pain and traumas of the past just build up within the body.

NOW in lockdown and isolation men you are facing your past.  Nobody likes to relive the past pains.  This is something which must be faced by everyone so you can come to accept the past no matter how ugly it is.  If you are receiving thoughts or seeing past events this will be coming from your Soul and only your Soul knows what you are capable of facing and you will not be forced to review trauma you are not ready to deal with.  Step by step you accept and release part of your life which must go so you can move on.

Create a sacred space in you home to sit quietly.  This is easy to do and takes a little practice.  Face the pain or trauma which has come up for review. 

Look at the photograph above allow your mind, body and spirit to travel to this place, absorb the peace, calm and healing you are SAFE.

NOW take time as the thoughts of the past bubble up into your mind or vision.

Listen or look carefully at the past situation you are able to see the truth now of what happened.   You can see all those involved, those who were hiding behind the scenes fueling the pain and those who stepped out to create your pain.  Nobody can hide from your view.  You have complete clarity of the incident nothing can block your vision or understanding.


You will be shocked at those who were hiding the unseen. Those who were plotting against you. The situations may vary from home and family life, friends and places of work.  Betrayal often goes unrecognised.

You do not have to share your findings with anyone unless they are a trusted friend or partner.  You are now all the wiser and have the upper hand.

You are ready to have closure on this pain or trauma.

The moon is waning so it is good time to cast out and release.




Return to the photo at the top and allow the energies to soothe and absorb the healing.

You have to draw from the photo the Soul Love, Peace, Calm and Joy back into you whole being just think it and allow it to flow, again with practice it will be easier.

The healing from working with your past traumas is deep and you will feel the need to sleep.  Sleep is healing on a higher level.  Healing sleep is deep and stronger than normal sleep be prepared for this and just go with how you are feeling.   Regardless of the time of day just sleep allow your physical, mental and spiritual bodies to heal.

Every time you do a release it is important to fill the gap with Soul Love, Peace, Calm and Joy.  If you do not, this give opportunity for something negative to take hold of you.

You find the need to repeat this exercise as other pain or trauma is ready to be released.

Be compassionate toward yourself.  Allow this time of lockdown to heal your past this will make you feel freer and ready to take on new challenges.

With every post I have enhanced with special prayers of Soul Love, Healing, Peace and Calm.

The photo above has be taken with projected special prayers, you should be able to feel our combined energy.

Madonna 1

The Madonna Who Weeps

The Madonna Who Weeps is holding you in a special space so you feel secure at all times.  Releasing trauma is very hard and painful to face but must be done.

If you need to speak to me or request distant healing you can contact me via my Contact

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