Soften Your Speech (voice reading)


Larimar Enhanced Crystals by Evie and photo by Mitch

Larimar is good for healing the Throat or Communication Center.

Now is the time to soften the way you speak, be mindful of your tone when speaking with others.

Everyone is stressing about life at the moment and you need to take a step back listen to how you react to your family and friends.  Many people are trying to take a calmer approach but it is not always easy to maintain. The exercise below will help you.


Focus gently on the Larimar feel the softness on your Throat Communication Center smoothing away the upsets of the day.  

Allow the energies to flow into the Communication Center feel the peace and harmony flowing into your entire being from there.  The energy of the Larimar expands throughout your body and spiritual  bodies.  The mind takes on a new feel.  Your mind is controlled and soothed by the Larimar Crystal and your Soul.

Close your eyes and just sense and feel the softness coming toward you. 

Breathe in and out through your Throat Communication Center.

You may be able to hear your soul more clearly now.  Just a few words to start with.

Mother Earth shows how much she loves us.  Her Earth has many bounties indeed.

Notes on Larimar – Communication Center also known as the Atlantis Stone, Dolphin Stone, Blue Peetolite, Stefilia’s Stone.

It is said to have a combination of Sea and Sky Energies.

Relaxing vibration.

Enables to promote emotional honesty and assist in setting up communication boundaries.

Raises vibrational levels


Larimar 4

Larimar Stone – Google Images

You will feel the pulsation of this crystal flow up to your ears.  Ears may pop a little when you do this.

I have enhanced the post with special prayers to help you heal your speech and communication style.

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