Clean Sweep (With Voice Reading)

Crystal Grid 3

Crystal Arrangement by Evie and Photograph by Mitch enhanced with their special prayers.

I call this A Clean Sweep as the Crystals initially start working from the Head down to the soles of the feet.

The Crystals are Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz and Citrine Quartz.  They are strong yet gentle in their healing.  The energies move like a flowing river flowing around any negative spots.  Find yourself a comfortable seat to sit on.


Take your focus to the center of the Crystal Grid you will feel the energy now in your head or the Spiritual Centre .

There is a gentle swirling within your head as the energy gently moving the negative points within your head.  The current of the energy is slow and deep.

The energy from the Crystals start to flow down to your chest you can feel the energy gathering flowing up your arms any injuries will be bathed by the Crystals,  as the energy flows over and over this point, you may feel some pain in the old physical injuries.

Within the Soul Center you can feel a deep sensation of the Soul opening up, The edges of the Soul are being caressed by the larger crystals of Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz and Smoky Quartz. This is preparing your Soul to expand and be more connected to you.

Allow the Crystal energy to flow and heal any parts which require attention there may be a little or much pain as they gently cut through your past injuries and emotions,

The lower part of the grid now takes you down your legs the same way with gentle flowing energy working through negative points and old injuries from the past.  You may feel there is a knitting of muscles or joints as they start to heal and come together.  

The final Clear Quartz directs the energy out through the soles of your feet, you may see the negativity flow out and into the ground.  This exercise is very grounding too especially if you suffer from dizziness.

Please share your experiences with me when working with the Crystal Grid add them in the Comments

I have also added my own special prayers to enhance the Crystal Grid and the guidance.

© 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


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