Soul Awakening – Voice Reading

Green Succulents

Arrangement by Evie and Photograph by Mitch. 

The Succulent and photos have been enhanced with special healing prayers to bring forward the blessings from the Succulent.

Bring your focus to the center of the Succulent.

As you focus your gaze on the center of the Succulent you can feel the pulsation starting in the center of your breast bone or chest. 

Hold your gaze upon the Succulent aligning both center points.

Feeling the vibration or pulsation slowly expanding out from your Soul Center. You are becoming more connected to your Soul the vibration or pulsation is your Soul.

This Succulent has amazing attributes it also draws the energy from the Throat Center, your Communication Center.  Opening up your ability to commune with Spirit more clearly.  

Relax allow your throat to soften all harshness of words to dissolve into nothingness.

Feel the stresses and strains from life drift off also dissolving into nothingness.

Sit , relax become peaceful.


The energy from this photograph of the Ferns is much stronger it will make your Soul pulsate more and so will your Throat.

Take your focus to the photo of the Ferns the vibration and energy is much stronger you will feel it working through your Soul Center firming your connection with the Divine and Mother Earth.

Your Throat Center will pulsate strong you will feel Communication Blocks removed and bring an ease when speaking to those who have difficulty in expressing their feelings.

When working with the Fern it may be painful as the negativity is removed.

You may need to do a little work with the Fern daily to build up a stronger Soul and Throat Centers.

I recommend working with the Healing Photos for a little or as long you can take the energy.

I found working with the Fern to be very painful indeed (physical pain) so please take care, just do a little at a time.

Please tell me about your experiences with this form of healing

© 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


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