Suffering Domestic Violence


Orangeade Florabunda Rose

I have loved this rose for many years and the last small tree I had was quiet weak.

I chose this rose as it symbolises the Emtional Center on the Spiritual Body and where many of the stored emotions are held on the Physical Body.  The whys for getting IBS, lower abdomen discomfort, stomach aches etc.

The past few days in fact since the beginning of the lockdowns my thoughts immediately went out to those who suffer domestic violence how can they cope in this ridiculous situation we have all been put in.

I AM NOW sending out Calm, Peace and Healing into you lives and homes.  I have the energy and strong enough for you to cling on to me.  My compassion for those who suffer anytime has the capacity to reach you all.  If you have no belief system this in not important but you are important.

Remember YOU are LOVED

cool breeze

Do you remember the cool breeze let me send Holy Healing Angels of Air and of Winds to freshen your home.  Feel the gentleness of the Air and Winds flow around you and your family.  Allow the Air to protect and calm your volatile life you have been forced to endure. 

Sea breeze

Now feel the ocean spray or sea breeze on your whole being let the mists revive your weary body and life.  Can you NOW smell the ocean and hear the waves softly rolling in to shore.  You can feel the gentle waves flow over your entire body, washing everyone in your home clean.  Calming and bringing peace.

Calm the minds remove the triggers which initiate the aggression in your life and home.

Gently encourage the aggressor to go outside the home be them man or woman they need to breathe.  Some people are becoming explosive as they are unable to go out, to breathe in the fresh air to calm their negative spirits and emotions.

I find it all so difficult to understand people are so absorbed in washing their hands with chemicals, wearing masks, and food grabbing that you do not even think about those who are locked down with an enemy whose traumatic life has become even worse.

Take time to view the photographs I have enhanced them with my own Healing Prayers especially for you.

I am always supported by the Madonna Who Weeps she is my Compassionate Healing Guide.

© 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

Madonna 1

The Madonna Who Weeps


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