Deep in the Soul Healing

Soul Succulent

The Succulent has been enhanced by Evie using special Ancient Celtic Prayers and Mitch has further enhanced the Photograph by projecting more Ancient Celtic prayers during the photo shoot. I have added more Ancient Celtic prayers to the post.  We are three dedicated Ancient Celtic Compassionate Healers working together to  give you a deeper healing experience.

Healing your Soul is very important NOW if you wish to get through the social restrictions you must learn to heal your soul and bring in more Soul Love into your life.  As you bring in more Soul Love then expand it out to your family and dear friends this is helping everyone lift our Mother Earth out from the negative regime she is enduring.

How to heal yourself with this Succulent:

Take a long look at the Succulent slowly you will feel a spiraling energy or vibration flowing over your Soul Center which is a mid point in your breast plate.

Feel the energy working its way through to the core of your Soul.  The Soul is like an onion it is layered and you have peel the layers of dysfunction, disease, abuse, emotional pain and trauma work through them in the security of your home and personal sanctuary. 

As you can see the outer layers are pink they have been cleansed and all issues removed but as you go into the core of the Succulent you can see these are green and tightly bound together.  Working at your pace on the inner core issues you will slowly turn them to pink and the sections of your Soul will sit easily together there will no longer be any triggers going off in your mind.  You will be gaining more peace and harmony in your Soul, Spiritual Bodies and Physical Body.

Remember You Are Loved

Enabling you to expand more Soul Love out into our World raising your vibrations.  You must raise your vibrations NOW and you have ample time in your day to do this. The focusing on the Succulent and working with your soul is how you raise your vibrations. You may wish to make this a family exercise and teach your children to be more connected with their Soul and the Divine.

The three of us working in Ancient Celtic Prayer and Traditions have create from the Ancient ways to make new methods of healing.  Self-healing is vital more than ever NOW.  The more you progress with your own healing the more you will be in control of yourself and health.  You will be in a stronger position to help and care for your family who after all are important to you and for us to go forward in the New World you are helping to create.

Your aim is to emulate Yeshua as you see the Soul Love pouring out from His Soul this is what it looks like when we expand our Soul Love. Note both Madonna Who Weeps (Vigin Mary) and Yeshua do not follow any religion. This means they are available to ALL.

You are being held in a sacred space NOW when you work with your Soul, the Heavens are opening to protect and hold you near.

© 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved



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