My Traumatised Soul

Rose Quartz

Today’s Healing photograph has been created by Mitch MacGreal and her niece Evie.
The photographs I will be using from now on are different to the ones I empowered from a free Photograph site.

Evie has empowered each Crystal of Rose Quartz with Celtic Healing Medicine, they have been blessed and only prayers Evie knows and uses in her healing work.  Mitch has added further empowerment by projecting more Celtic Healing Medicine whilst photographing this Soul Healing Grid. I have empowered the photograph further more Celtic Medicine before creating this post.

How to use the photograph for self-healing:

Open the photograph and allow the Divine Healing Energy or Rays flow into your Soul Center.  Rose Quartz is a gentle healer you should feel a gentle pulsing at the mid point of your chest or breast bone.  The energy will gently expand and in doing so will release deep scars from the past.  You may be very weepy.  This is good as you weep so does your Soul cleanse.

This Rose Quartz Grid is ideal for those who have suffered much abuse even extreme abuse.  The Rose Quartz will dispel all the hurt you have endured and replace it with Soul Love.

Depending on the trauma and pain you hold within your Soul from your life’s traumatic experiences you may have to repeat this exercise several times.

Abuse cuts deep within the Spiritual Bodies, Physical Body and the Soul.  It takes care and time to repair.  Remember you are worth it.


As you focus on the Rose Quartz feel the embrace from the Divine holding your space and keeping you safe at all times.  None will harm you again.

You are being Blessed by those from the most High.


Madonna 1

The Madonna Who Weeps

The Madonna Who Weeps will be weeping with you to help you heal. Blessed Mother will help hold your space too.

My focus now is teaching people to heal themselves with the aide of my very gifted Healing Friends in these times, you have time to do this work now with all the restrictions placed on us.  Healing is free flowing and unrestricted.


If you wish to collect the Empowered Healing Photographs.  I do for the ones sent by Evie and Mitch to me in helping heal.  I place them all in one Folder and open them together like a collage and receive a total healing or open and focus on one at a time for a localised healing.

We will lift the love vibration on our Earth with your help in self-healing, natural healing.

© 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


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