Full Moon Healing For Men

candle in the dark

I have created this candle to give healing to all men who require it during this time of a supercharged Full Moon which is compatible with the Divine Feminine our Mother Earth.

Many men may struggle with the energies produced by the Divine Feminine Moon at the moment.  The Moon is supercharged with energy.

During this time you may experience past issues and pain coming into the mind to review.  Be accepting of the thoughts learning to accept the past is a difficult task as it involves emotions often all to hard for men to deal with.  As men have been encouraged to bury these types of emotions.  Now is the time to accept the pain for what it is.

I have done special prayers on the candle and charged it with the best healing energy for you.

Focus on the Blue Candle and allow the healing energies to flow into your entire being.  The Pale Blue Candle is a soft colour to calm you as life is very harsh at times especially now.  You need the soothing energy or vibrations from the candle to flow throughout you.  Be Calm, Tranquil and Relaxed.

Outside in the Moonlight after recognising your pain say the following

“Release, Relief and Renew”

It is time to let go of the past just the issues which have come to light now as they are ready to go.


You are being held in the space of love and time.  Feel this space of love just for you.

Allow your Soul Love vibrations to increase and flow outward to all you hold dear.  

See this Soul Love being reciprocated to you.

You can return to this candle for self-healing any time you wish.

I send you much Soul Love and Blessing during this time.

© 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved




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