Grounding Strength


Continuing with Self-healing journey.  I decided to bring nature to you through your confinement.

Today’s photographs come from dear friend Mitch McGreal and her Niece Evie  who live in Aotearoa and Motu Island NZ.  The Land of the Long White Cloud.
I am teaching you how to raise your vibrations within nature.  Many do not have access to our beautiful trees in a good clean environment.  My objective is to teach you how to heal yourself naturally.
You may feel you would like to touch these trees, then reach out and touch the screen, breathe in the majesty of these wise ones which grace our Mother Earth.
These magnificent beauties flourishing Divine Power they have held for many life times.  They are rich in wisdom imagine all the history which has been watched first hand recorded in their memory banks.
As you gaze up at the mighty tree trunks you can feel the strengthening energy flow downward and out through your feet.  The Grounding Energy flows deep, deep into Mother Earth she is balancing you and grounding you through her deepest roots.
See yourself holding on to this beauty filled with Divine Grounding. You feel strong and resilient.

As you gaze up their trunks so  defined you can release your negative energies transmuting them into nothingness. Love in abundance flows throughout your being engulfing you in the present and future life to come.

Feel yourself take a step higher moving your vibrations upward and outward.  It is important in these days you raise your vibrations to survive to keep our lives buoyant.

Trees have a powerful medicine they flow with love and this is how we all should be. To survive what is coming we must raise our vibrations full of love.
© 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved



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