Breathe in the Pure Air

Raising vibrations
Today’s photographs come from dear friend Mitch McGreal and her Niece Evie  who live in Aotearoa and Motu Island NZ.  The Land of the Long White Cloud.
I am teaching you how to raise your vibrations within nature.  Many do not have access to our beautiful trees in a good clean environment.  My objective is to teach you how to heal yourself naturally.
You may feel you would like to touch these trees, then reach out and touch the screen, breathe in the majesty of these wise ones which grace our Mother Earth
Allow your spirit and mind to float upward to the height of the trees you will feel your vibrations become higher. 
As you slowly journey upwards with your spirit release remnants of negativity from your spiritual and physical body. 
Feel yourself become lighter.
The trees emit an abundance of Soul Love and Healing.
Connect your being to the Divine, Our Heavenly Father and Mother Earth.  As we connect we too send out and receive blessing.  Our Mother Earth needs us now more than ever.
© 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

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