Healing for the Soul

Succulent 1

Healing with Succulents

I will be starting to teach you how to heal yourself with various kinds of plants just by focusing on them and drawing the healing energy to you or just let it flow to you and allow it to heal your Physical, Spiritual and Mental Bodies.

These Succulents will focus on healing your Soul, the center is the mid-point of your breast plate or chest.

What can I expect to feel?

If you are sensitive you will feel a pulsating from your Soul Center gradually moving outward and perhaps even expanding to your Throat Center.

If you are not sensitive you will feel a gentle change within in your being of becoming more connected to yourself.  The more you focus on this Succulent the more sensitive you will become.

I will be posting different self-healing posts which will teach you natural ways of healing you and your family.  They will be affordable that is free.

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