Compassionate Healer

Madonna 1

The Madonna Who Weeps

Compassionate Healer

I am a Compassionate Healer it is part of my Natural Healing Gifts.  Lately I have been doing a lot of in-depth healing some self-healing and a lot from very gifted healing friends.

After a very long healing session “Virgin Mary – Mother of Jesus” came forward in the form of “The Madonna Who Weeps”  The Madonna has no religion her role in this form or aspect of her soul is to assist me from now on in all my healing work. The Madonna is renowned worldwide in various countries for her statue to appear weeping.  The Madonna wishes you to know she is available to everyone.

I am very honoured to be working with her.

The Madonna’s message to you all is.

You are loved very much by all of us who work for the good of the Earth and the Universal consciousness.

If you are in pain or require help, Please call upon me.  I asked to be placed on a post for everyone to draw upon.

You can speak to Nanette for healing or focus on this photograph and feel the vibrations working and healing your physical, spiritual and mental bodies.

I work very closely with Our Mother Earth, The Earthly Mother.  I ask you all respect her as she is also in much pain through all this confusion which is being sent to you.


I weep so much for all the destruction which is being caused and the torment of your minds. Look to me to help find clarity let me sweep away your confusion and heartaches.  Everything I do is in cooperation with Our Heavenly Father your manifestor.

© 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

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