Work together

Blue Moon Rose

Simply be you, live your life simply

I do not care what your religion or belief all I care about is you.

Our societies have thrown us into a spin. You have to calm down and do not listen to the noise. Listen to your own truth this is what counts. We all live in different countries we have to do the right thing by everyone and ourselves.

Being greedy means someone does not get food to eat.

Hospitals and Medical services are overloaded some with genuine cases but also many hypochondriacs who go into a drama because they are selfish and attention seeking.

You have to adapt and learn how to use natural alternatives to get you through.

Try to live as normal life as possible go outside enjoy nature allow your children to play and have fun.

Listen to your intuition and follow it carefully.

If you do not know how to work with your intuition contact me via my website and I will help you learn FREE

Try to cooperate with each other, be tolerant, kind and loving. Society is making everyone suffer not just you so you are all in it together. 💖💖

© 2020 Nanette de Ville – All rights reserved

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