Keep Away from some Spiritual Groups

Prayer group

Prayer Groups

Keep away from Prayer and Healing Groups, I know I fell into this trap so many years ago when I was trying to learn and understand my gift.  You do not go to these people you have to prayer by yourself to Our Heavenly Father.

If you are one of the 5% on Earth who are truly gifted then you will shine like no other.  These groups more often than not have people who work in the Astral Planes which is full of evil it is thick crawling with them.  They are searching for the gifted to harm them and they do.  You are better off praying by yourself when you feel guided at home or in nature.

Healing Circle

Healing Circle

Groups like Reiki who are now wanting to do world healing.  They are not healers so what are they up to?

This is about Reiki Initiations.

Remember only approximately 5% of the Earth’s population are gifted. The rest are wannabees or evil subtly creeping in.

If you join in their group healing or prayers your Light will be seen and psychically attacked.  I am speaking from experience having once been initiated in Reiki it is a vile energy and many of its members seem so spiritual but they are very ruthless and money hungry as the courses are too expensive compared to being a Natural Healer which is free.  We are living in dark times and the darkness is ensnaring all it can to bring those who are here to change the Earth down.

Thirty years ago when I embarked on learning healing I went to a Healing Circle and what a mistake that was, it was not Reiki but a group ran by the Spiritualist Church, it also proves that evil lurks everywhere.  First time in the Healing Circle and I started to feel sharp pains in my Soul Center or Heart Chakra it was like spears being thrown at me.  I spoke in private to the Leader and she did not have a clue, another lesson to be learnt, she was only a Healing Leader because she used to be a school teacher.  “What”

You must take care with whom you do spiritual work.  I eventually moved away from everyone including all the New Age rubbish which is also very negative.  I worked alone with Our Heavenly Father as my teacher and later Mother Earth everything was in simple stages.

You can work alone if you are gifted it is easy.


When we pray  or do healing we open our sacredness to the All and this depending on how protected you are will include evil.  I bet you did not know that.

I went on a course in London many years ago.  We were told to close our eyes and walk around the very large group.  I only slightly closed my eyes to watch what was going on.  I could see undesirables approaching me and moved away accordingly  or rebuffed them away by projecting energy through my hands.  I chose those to hug not by feel but by sight.

I do not care who I offend when it comes to protecting myself and this is my responsibility.  I can only offer advice to others it is up to them to decide for themselves to follow blindly the crowd or question everything thinking for themselves.

The crowd mentality offers nothing but confusion.

I sending you all healing and blessings and try to hear Our Heavenly Father when He gives you guidance.

© 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

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