Who will help or will you turn away

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Simply be you live your life simply

I was inspired by this post today it really brings it home to me and I am sure many of you.


When I started to notice the once friends and one side of my relatives were not real family it came as a shock and hit hard very hard indeed on the emotions.  People I once could turn to in friendship turned their backs. This was during my divorce and then after my father’s stroke, this especially was a time when my life is falling apart in every direction. These people are nobody’s friend.  They are what we call fair weather friends and move on quicker than they attached to you.  Some elderly relatives came and helped, I did not like to call upon them due to their age but nonetheless they were of the “old stock” and insisted. The other younger relatives did not visit or check up on how my father was. In the past he had done so much for all of them.

I now believe the strong ones are given the heavier and hardest burdens to carry and resolve themselves. The gifted or different also experience this. The weak people who only have a care for themselves are unable to relate or support. Their support is worthless, this is why so many journey alone and in isolation. This has been my experience friends and family I have had to cast aside and walk alone.

I learned to build resilience, strength and inner power plus more to pull me through my life there are days I have to force myself to go out as the world around is cold and cruel. More will turn away then help.  I have too many people around me if they help me there is a hidden agenda, (money or marriage. I am not giving nor marrying.)


I have always been available to help even if it is just to listen and often at anytime of the day. The one in need has to be helped.

Ivor’s poem https://ivors20.wordpress.com/2020/03/20/grandmas-hands/

This poem also inspired, I was growing up in Australia in the 1950’s I remember how the people all rallied round to help each other what they experienced during WWII still carried on.  I remember when we moved into our new home how the neighbours came round women brought sandwiches, scones and cakes for us.  We all gathered around to enjoy the sumptuous food. The men readily helped with lifting furniture or any strenuous task, no asking, why because it was the done thing.

I only experienced this once more in the UK when a colleague of mine was upset that I had not asked him to help me move into my flat.  He carried all my heavy things from my car up to my flat.  I then took him and his girlfriend out to dinner as a thank you.

There are people who will, but today’s people are selfish, greedy, uncaring are they the descendants of the older generation or something new creeping onto our Earth.

Life has been created so we all suffer, I do not join in the chaos but I can see many of you do.
Are you offering help to others or sitting there smugly as “I am all right Jack!”


Following the Masses

I do have neighbours who are Chinese I can turn to for help they are very kind to me but I am very independent so many years of being like this, it is hard to break.  I would ask for help from them but not the Egyptian neighbours as last year I was extremely ill with a virus for more than 2 months not an offer of help to buy food or cook food for me they just left me to get on with it. My leg was in extreme pain I could not walk, stand or sit down.  They are such an uncaring lot truly.  All they can say I should get married well, it would not make a difference the men and women do not interact as a family like we do.

The more you help others in whatever way you can.  The more positive energy or vibrations you produce, it is the love which is powerful.  Love thy neighbour.

I love seeing all the the posts on different indoor activities, so much time and care has been spent looking or creating the the activities.

May you all be blessed, I expand my soul love and healing to you all.

© 2020 – Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

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