Affirmation – Resilient

Resilient 1

Life gets us like this when you start to bend under the stresses and strains of living and trying to survive.

Resilience is what is required on your journey.   You have to pick yourself up and keep going.  Take a different direction or route than originally planned for what thwarted you may be still waiting to bring you down.

I AM NOW Resilient

Every atom within my being flows with Resilience

My Resilience flows directly from Our Heavenly Father and Mother Earth

I AM Resilient NOW this is me.

The above affirmation will help you go through trying times, I used to say this every time I left my previous home just to be able to walk down to the street to catch the local transport.

resilient 2

Like the flower above so delicate and yet so strong defying nature to survive.

You can do this too.  Be Resilient, assertive maintain your autonomy or sovereignty keep others controls out of your life.


When you practice being Resilient you become like the seedlings above.  You can stand and grow where you choose.  You can become many things at one time.


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