Return to Natural Medicine

Natural medicine

Simply be you live your life simply.

Well where are we living?

What kind of people are occupying this planet?

Greedy Selfish Uncaring Paranoid race of beings who are sliding into the Evil Dream

I saw a video of a supermarket in the USA where all the Children and Baby Medicines had gone the shelves were empty.

What are you going to do now?

You will have to look up your grandparents traditional remedies using herbs, spices and local foods to naturally heal yourselves.

The shelves for fever products for children was empty

What Now?

I suggest to use a cold damp face cloth and place it on the feet for whoever baby or adult.  The cold face cloth draws the fever out of the head this is vital if the head over heats it can be dangerous.  The fever is drawn out of the head and through the body and out of the feet.  I have used this method for many years on myself and son.  I recommended also to a few people I have known.

Bathe the baby in warm water, not hot or cold to keep them hydrated.  Hydration is important as a baby can dehydrate quickly.  Do this often as the skin absorbs water easily.  Make sure they have boiled water to drink.

Gas/wind problems

No gripe water, so what can you use!  Cooled boiled water with a little sugar added will do the trick.  I even use this today when I have stomach ache it works.

Alternative Hand-wash and protective solution

I make a Frankincense infused oil and I rub this all over especially the soles of the feet, hands, arms. face.  Frankincense if very protective and gentle.  This resin may benefit asthma and arthritis, as well as gut and oral health and much more.  It has been used for 1000s of years.  Pregnant women should always be careful and review products carefully on google to make a good judgement and decision.

traditional medicine 2

Find the Old Recipes and Remedies

Find the old family recipes your grandparents used to make or even older.  The homesteaders knew how to take care of their families using what was available locally.

This is what the lock down has done closing drug and prescription availability so you have to substitute with natural things to alleviate your symptoms for whatever ails you.

Start thinking for yourself, take time to think things through read labels and recipes until you become familiar with them.  Generally speaking there are no side effects unless you are allergic to certain herbs or spices.  Take care be responsible in everything you do.  The governments have put everything now to be your responsibility so take it and continue wisely.  Learn to follow your intuition or soul and you will get it right.

Traditional medicine 3

If you need any help contact me, it is my pleasure to make your life journey smoother.

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