The Love of Rain


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Ms J came bouncing into my office she was so excited I wondered what she wanted as she is very timid, so much like a baby, a kitten cat. I got up and went with her she was dancing and prancing about as soon as I got out side I could feel the rain.

Ms J remembered the rain from last year and how we sat for a few hours enjoying Our Heavenly Father’s Blessing,

This is the previous post about the rain and Ms J

It rarely rains here and we were graced in the evening with another fall of rain.  We both cuddled up on a bench outside and enjoyed the light fall of rain.  Ms J kept looking up at me she was so happy to sit in the rain with me.

Then the following morning it was raining heavier and Ms J came in and woke me up dancing again so this time we walked up and down the courtyard praising Our Heavenly Father and Mother Earth.  The gentle touch of the rain was wonderful.  They day turned into a mild sandstorm yuck but this brings a lot of cleaning and I look upon this as good really had to clean out all the sand as it gets everywhere.

I just had to write about this a moment of splendor with my sweet cat.

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