So you think war is good?


You are the one who voted for war and think it is the only way to bring peace.

Being peaceful is the only way to bring peace.

You think it good to have war and kill your “enemy”.

Why are they your enemy because some power hungry dysfunctional says so?

This is the reason for not being judgmental, if you lack the inner knowledge of discernment it is impossible for you to decide.

You think it is good to war especially when you are 1000 miles away sat in front of your TV in disgust at the trauma and pain being experienced by your “enemy” and even more so when your “enemies” lives have been shattered and seek refuge status can no longer live and work in their country all because you wanted war.

They are innocent people who had families, homes and job living their life as they choose until you decided it is good to war.

See the punk in the street he is no good at least you think and you shoot him he dies, little did you know this punk has the key within his soul to bring salvation to Earth.  The punk was highly intelligent too much so for his peers and education system.

It is all right because war is good.

Remember this, Karma, you put the name of someone on the bullet you fire and kill.  A bullet will come back with your name on it, perhaps directly to you or a dear family member.  Even though your sat as you think in chair watching TV you voted war is good. The missile could be flying through your home destroying what you knew in an instance.

War is not an option, love, peace, tolerance and understanding.  Learn to understand the differences of race, traditions and religions.

war 1

Does anyone deserve this?  Would you like the street where you live to be like this?

This is Syria today in the photo above.


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