Love Commercialised


Simply be you, live your life simply

Love Commercialised – who wants this I do not.  It becomes cheap and meaningless.  Love has become a FOUR LETTER WORD of ABUSE.  It is a word of abuse in any language.  Oh celebrate today the day of I will be kind to you and say “I love you” as it what is expected and tomorrow I will hurt you, beat you, scream and shout at you.  This is true love for many.

Love, My Soul Love is my daily celebration it is given freely to me by the Divine and I in return give it to Mother Earth and all the inhabitants and elements of the Earth.  I expand it out to the Universal Consciousness, that being the myriad of Universes filled with planets and beings we have forgotten, the myriad of Lord and Ladies of Light who oversee their worlds.

If you are feeling unloved take a deep breath inhale the true soul love being sent to you from the Universal consciousness and perhaps you may feel my soul love flowing into your being to bring hope, healing and freedom,

Soul Love, Compassion and Kindness is for everyday not just for this meaningless commercial day.

© 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved.

18 thoughts on “Love Commercialised

  1. Letitgocoach says:

    What you describe in the first paragraph is not true love. There can be no form of abuse in the pure love created by our Heavenly Father. Unfortunately, there are souls who came to believe otherwise. Valentine’s Day is commercialized, but nothing compared to Christmas. ❤

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  2. michnavs says:

    I agree with you Nanette…love has been used to sell products and even ideas and commodities and i hope that today as the world celebrates the so called valentine’s day, let this day be reminder of the real and true easence of love.

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