Heavenly and Earthly Parents


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Like so many people who have found they have an abusive parent.  Abuse is not always physical or sexual often it is verbal abuse.  The verbal abuse does not mean it has to be foul language, no often the verbal abuse is emotional blackmail, berating, unsupportive parenting, neglect, control freaks, mind games and the like.

My father was/is a good man now in spirit along with him and those from his family who have passed I also look to the best Father I can have and that is Our Heavenly Father.  I refer to Him as my Father and this is good for those who have had an abusive father replaces them with the best.  A Father who will always be honest, supportive and knows what is perfect for us.  Cannot have much better than this.  Our Heavenly Father is the one who manifested your soul and through Divine Love you are connected. The love is constant.

Who do you turn to for the best Mother you can have?  For many years now I was upset about my mother’s behaviour she understood emotional blackmail all too well and used it with great proficiency she would say she was supportive but being berative is not giving support it is dragging you down.  I will not go on but get to the point.

I have learned my best Mother is Mother Earth Our Earthly Mother.  All the planets have been manifested by Our Heavenly Father and with the manifestation of each plant great care was taken to chose a perfect soul to be the guardian of the planet.  They are all supreme beings who have enormous responsibility in the care of their planet.

I include Mother Earth in all my prayers as she was responsible for manifesting my physical form with Our Heaven Father.  Mother Earth provides for majority my needs ensuring there is food, water and air this comes from Mother.

I look upon Mother Earth as my real mother she is full of love and has our best intentions as part of her soul.  Mother Earth is in everything on Earth interconnecting us all.  As I pray I ask for Mother Earth to be blessed and healed afterall she is my true Mother.

If you have been suffering abuse and feel unloved turn to your Heavenly Father and Mother Earth for truth and soul love which is pure.

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