Self-healing the Virus


Simply be you, live your life simply

It is just over two years ago I had the above sonorgram done to check for cancer it was benign.  Before I could have the scan done I was required to have the mass identified by a Doctor which I did.  The Doctor squeeze the mass so hard I was ill and in great pain for a few days it also caused the mass to increase greatly.

Benign or not I definitely would not go to a Doctor again in Egypt.  I have complete faith in Our Heavenly Father to heal me this means my having to put some effort into the healing too.

Another point, strange as it may be it was visible to see demons on the x-ray.

You can read the start of my healing journey on posts saved under category Self-healing.

I was not consistent even though I made a good effort like all of us I allowed “life” to take over and the care and effort of my Self-healing was soon forgotten.

So two years later I have been put back on course to self-heal the virus as I prefer to call it. Within the past two years I have done a cosiderable amount of self-healing in different ways for other issues be them health or emotional.

Re-start the Self healing of the virus

Prior to commencing the self-healing at night before I could not get to sleep I was suffering from juddering throughout my body.  To me this has become a sign of demons or negativity leaving my body.  The demons attach themselves and in a tenticle kind of way weave through the whole body.  Reluctantly they were being forced out.

Back to the self-healing, about a couple days ago I lay in bed decided to focus on healing the virus and other things.  I drew the Heavenly Father’s Light into my whole being with focal points on areas of real concern.  This was the kick start to it all.

Yesterday I received the thoughts from my Soul to work with a certain set of Holy Angels, I have found they are very compatible with me and they have an unusual remit by that I mean they have a mixed set of responsibilities in which they can work and healing is one of them.

I followed the Divine’s instructions and wrote a sort of prayer on paper and lay down on my bed and placed the prayer on top of me and then later under my pillow and slept for about an hour.  At night time I read the prayer and put it under my pillow.

This morning I woke up and without thinking I checked the mass, by the way, I have two masses now.  To my astonishment I found the first mass to have reduced considerably in all directions and the second mass which was about the size of the tip of my little finger has almost gone.  I was in a lot of pain all night and hardly slept.

As I have written before many times not all healing is painless.  Some healing is like having a major operation putting back the body parts and removing parts no longer wanted is painful.

I have absolute faith in Our Heavenly Father and the Holy Angels He recommended me to do the healing with the Angels.

I am determined to put the effort in to heal off many things and the main ones are the two masses.  My focus is to be on self-care as should yours be.  None of us are sure about the future or what our part in the future is going to be, therefore, our health, physical fitness is important regardless of age.

Gratitude for this is immense to Our Heavenly Father.  Gratitude is a constant action or prayer throughout my day.  I believe in being grateful immediately after the event.

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2 thoughts on “Self-healing the Virus

    • Puzzles of the Soul says:

      I believe in Healing through God and Prayer I have done for many years. The healing comes direct through God or sometimes Holy angels are assigned the task to heal or cure. The benign mass appeared just over two years ago. A friend of mine insisted I have an x-ray they were upset. I did this for them. I would not have and continued using the ways I would, No other meaning intended. Though the x-ray shows some demons around the mass which I was amazed at seeing.

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