Self-healing and Demons


Simply be you, live your life simply

Over the many years and following the direct teachings from Soul and Our Heavenly Father.  My reasons for not seeking medical treatment were a result of the medical treatment my family received over the years.  I found it neglegent.

I was taught by Our Heavenly Father the illness or diseases we suffered from came from our own negativity which is a result of demonic interference/psychic attack or directly from demons or evil.

After spending all day with my friend going from pillar to post to find a doctor and then a sonorgram with doctor.  The oncology hospital in Aswan was disgraceful the administrator taking bookings had difficulty in knowing how much to charge me being foreign and all that and how much she could add onto my bill for herself.  We went to a private doctor in the end.

The next morning I took my x-rays and held them up at the window.  I could hardly believe what I saw, the x-ray had captured faces next to the benign mass.  I phoned my friend and told him you will not believe what is showing on the x-ray.  I met him in the afternoon, he was amazed just like me.

The x-ray gave proof of demons being responsible for creating the mass in me.

When demons are being removed by Holy Angels there is pain, the demons do not want to face their punishment and they dig their claws in.  I can often feel fluttering too as they are lifted away.  Over the years I have experienced large entities being pulled off my body and spiritual bodies one of them was so vile hard to describe what it was.

Evil is responsible for creating all the diseases, disharmony, sickness, illness, often put in place by evil practitioners working with evil entities.

Scary isn’t it, yes and no.  I do not have time to start being afraid as once you are afraid they really have you.

Stand up and fight is what I was told.

Fight 3

How do you fight?

Well it is foolish to attempt to deal with evil/demons yourself.  Many do and this becomes a battle where you will not win the advantage is they can see you and you cannot always see them.

You MUST call upon Our Heavenly Father, Lord Yeshua and designated Holy Angels to take on your appeal for help and avenge.  As they are best placed to punish and dissolve evil.  Important to call upon Lord Yeshua to cast out all evil from your homes or wherever you are.

I felt I should give a further explanation about the x-ray, it is real proof of evil.  Evil likes to show-off too.  Seeing their faces was not unexpected.


There is nothing mightier than Our Heavenly Father and I have faith in HIM to heal me,  Our Heavenly Father has proved to me time and time again I should always turn to HIM for Healing and how to Self-heal.

Keep Calm Allow Your Head to be Clear

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