Pyramid Weirdness


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Pyramid Weirdness

I have decided to write about some of the very strange experiences I have had in Egypt circa 2005.

My second visit to Egypt was on a cruise Luxor to Aswan then return to Luxor and train to Cairo.  We went by microbus to the Pyramid site and then parked up as instructed by the parking attendant.  I was last to get off the microbus not one for pushing and shoving with the group, I was not in good health either. I walked past the microbus.

All of a sudden I was grabbed by my t-shirt collar I looked around there was nobody visible holding my collar.  This was too far out for me.  I could not control what was happening to me at all I was dragged by a strong force.  I could hardly walk I felt like a drunk as I was pulled from side to side and along a path or certain route to a point just in front of third pyramid the smaller one. I was extremely shook up to say the least.  I had nobody to turn to talk about what was happening.  I gathered myself, thoughts I did not know who or what to question.  Slowly I walked around but could not fathom out why I was dragged so forcefully to a specific point.  I was unable to sense anything and no thoughts of recognition came through.  We were called back to the microbus and once again I was the last to leave and again I was dragged by my collar walking like a drunk absolutely no control over the force which was controlling me.  Sat down in the microbus like nothing had happened.

The Sphinx


We all got out of the microbus and as I looked at the Sphinx and felt a foreboding about it and decided to give this a miss and sat down to contemplate the happening.  Do you think I could do this, oh no, Egyptians at the best of times are so annoying in wanting attention and talk about any old rubbish.  I found it hard to get rid of him and ended up shouting at him.  I was in a state of shock and had to put some reasoning to it.

Eventually I calmed down and started to get visions of time in the past I could see the buildings or homes as they were whenever the era was and could see people walking through the streets which no longer existed some of the people were those on the tour group they were dressed in clothing of that time. I could see myself dressed in a black silk cape and cerise gown beneath.  There was a man stood in front of me dressed in black I could not see his face.  The visioning stopped as the group came back for drinks.

The Sheraton Hotel

I was so pleased to get to the hotel to have a rest no going shopping or walks I had had enough of it all. It did not stop there.

I had a very good room it was well lit.

I could not sleep surprising you might say.  I could see on the ceiling the Aten, Sun Disk and Ten Hands

Aten 1

I really did not know much about Aten at that time and later did some research when I got home.


Extract from Wikipedia :-

Aten (also Aton) was the disc of the sun in ancient Egyptian Mythology, and was originally an aspect of the god Ra. The deified Aten was the focus of the religion of  Atenism established by 18th Dynasty pharaoh Amenhotep IV, who later took the name Akhenaten (died ca. 1335 BCE) in worship and recognition of Aten. In his poem “Great Hymn to the Aten”, Akhenaten praises Aten as the creator, giver of life, and nurturing spirit of the world. Aten does not have a creation myth or family but is mentioned in the Book of the Dead. The worship of Aten was eradicated by Horemheb.

I could not believe it, all of it too much to take in.  I did not sleep as the Aten Sun Disk kept me awake all night.  I thought perhaps the ceiling was patterned by some street lights causing the effects.  I asked the guide in the morning if it could be so, he replied Nanette you are on the seventh floor. Really put everything into perspective.

I found it hard to focus on the events due to the high negativity of the tour group which I had to keep away from it was too upsetting.  It is very difficult when you are an intuitive sensitive being among selfish unkind people.

Arriving Home

It did not stop even when I got home to my surprise the nonslip floor in the bath had the Aten design in it.

Aten 1

Until my trip to Egypt I had not noticed also my decor was Egyptian.

This was just one of many experiences in Egypt.  Perhaps now is the time to review the meaning of this as I have become more peaceful and able to contemplate.

I lived in Cairo for 6 months and loathed it the energy is high in negativity probably due to the 3,000 years of worshiping Ptah the god of darkness.

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13 thoughts on “Pyramid Weirdness

  1. Judy Kim says:

    Very interesting, I would’ve felt scared too!I’ve been slowly noticing influences on my perception from media that my subconscious recreated in artwork. It’s a bit upsetting to know that I was programmed by symbols that I didn’t understand. Your experience sounds very powerful, thanks for sharing the story.

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