Forgive Us Mother Earth

Earth on Fire

Oh forgive us Mother Earth for how we have all defiled and disrespected you through the generations of people who inhabit the Earth.

Forgive the ignorance, greed destructive nature of us all who live without gratitude for all you do.

Forgive the thoughts and visions of evil’s dream which we all follow without question contaminating the whole planet and your being.

Forgive us for listening to evil and following their destructive evil dream, when we should be listening and following the Divine Laws and practices of the Universal Consciousness Our Heavenly Father manifested.

Forgive us for we are all guilty as we fail to watchover our thoughts, speaking and actions.

Forgive us for scarring your beautiful outer surfaces and destroying your inner cores the energies which you require to heal yourself and us.

Forgive us for polluting the rivers, oceans and seas soon we will be unable to drink only thirst.

Forgive us for destroying the land surface so no one and nothing can survive and yet you repair so man can live once again.

Forgive us those who live decadent lives full of evil sickness the lust, the abusers, the foul minds and mouths which walk among us.

Forgives us Heavenly Father and Mother Earth for we allow and live among those who are uncaring and ignorant.  Selfish to their core leaving evil footprints wherever they go. No shame.

Mother Earth Uses Four Elements to Defend Herself


Earth – Earthquake


Air – Hurricane


Water – Tsunami


Fire – Bush Fires

These are just an example of what Mother Earth can do in retaliation to your Evil Ways, the Evil Dream.  These photos are only small in comparison to the magnificence she can manifest.

You think you have the power.

You think your evil dreams are powerful – the wars and abuse to other people creating unnecessary suffering and death.

You are so wrong.

You think it is climate change – so wrong  it is you and the way you live has created this.  All the evil negativity absorbed by following, copying and doing creates the Evil Dream.


Mother Earth has the power and combined with the power from Our Heavenly Father do you think you will have a chance.  Complete system crash, delete, delete and refresh to start again. Rebuild, manifest once again.

Oh Our Heavenly Father and Mother Earth Our Earthly Mother forgive us as we fail to understand the true nature of your love for us.

© 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

5 thoughts on “Forgive Us Mother Earth

  1. ivor20 says:

    Courageously powerful, and poignant, and I’m afraid your honesty is too true….. but us with a voice of choice, shall continue on… and do our best…. we do not give up….. persistence is our strength…… 💙🌏😃

    Liked by 2 people

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