Habouring Anguish and Resentment


Simply be you, live your life simply

After reading a post by Don’t Lose Hope- Everything Happens For A Reason


A very worthy read and it got me thinking about some my own anquish and resentments which I have been harbouring for sometime.

My initial plan for when I came to Egypt was to create a healing resort and to help a few people create businesses, well that did not happen.

I helped a few people in the hope they would in turn help me.  This did not happen either.  I became full of anguish and resentment towards these people. When I viewed these people it was with compassion for their lifestyle.  Unfortunately they have no understanding of kindness or compassion.

After reading the above post I realised I was doing wrong. I asked Our Heavenly Father how can I release this it has been eating away at me for so long in fact this problem had been ongoing before Egypt.

To release the anguish and resentment

  • I had to first accept my part in all of this.
  • I had to change the feeling of anguish and resentment to those who took advantage of my kindness.
  • NOW I sent Love with all the help I had given, and yes, I know we do not give in order to receive.  I was also going through a spaight in my life of being non-materialistic. Where money did not matter and people did.  Big lesson there.
  • I visualised the Love going to each person I gave help to and the act of giving.
  • I forgave myself and them. I hoped one day these people perhaps may look back at their life and remember the kind lady who gave them a helping hand in difficult times.
  • I asked Our Heavenly Father to fill my entire being with HIS love to repair the damage created by me.
  • I asked for healing to put together the broken pieces within me as my emotions kept tearing away at me.
  • Finally I released it all, the burden of anguish and resentment just dissolved and left me in peace.

It was a huge lesson for me and from now on I will no longer help someone to the detriment of myself.  There will have to be some proof they will commit to help other people by employing them in work to spread the kindness and goodness to others.  Paying it forward.

This is what happens when your head gets stuck in a cloud and you do not understand the lie of the land.


This quote by Nelson Mandela is very true resentment is like a poison it is toxic in the way it works into your mind and body.

Remember all negativity searches for your weak points e.g. stomach IBS, throat infections, chest infections, migraines etc.

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