Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Simply be you, live your life simply

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, but will it be a good year as China has shut down 13 Cities as the Coronavirus spreads.  You can read the article below.


I am very sad about this happening I was reading about the spread of the Coronavirus and previous viruses such as SARS and MERS. This got me thinking about Germ Warfare, questioning could this be so as with many other viruses.  I started to search on Google and found this page.  Shocking but not surprising how early these kinds of attacks were used.


I could never understand why every year there was a new strain of flu virus.  Once the body has eliminated a virus such as flu it does not repeat itself as the body immune system is built to resist the virus.  New Flues can only occur if they have been created by scientists using different germs to infect the population.  I refuse to have vaccinations as they permeate the body with a new virus.  In this world there are people who are just carriers of viruses and then there are others who suffer from the attack of germs in their body.

A good example of this after my father had a stroke the Doctor insisted he have the Flu Vaccine.  My father was seriously ill with the flu for 6 weeks and so was everyone else in the family including my son, we did not have the vaccine.  We were all bed bound. It was a very traumatic time more so for myself as I had to keep up the general up keep and meals.  This is how quickly a virus spreads.

I worked as a contractor/self-employed and I used to tell people to go home who were employed by the company (they received sick pay) to keep their germs at home. Many had the attitude they should spread the virus as they caught it from another. How do you deal with this kind of person?

I really hope everyone has a good New Year and the virus is contained or eliminated.

Take care when you travel make sure you check for SARS and MERS too.

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