Coldest Winter

Cold Weather

Simply be you, live your life simply

This has to be the coldest winter I have experienced in Aswan the temperatures at night have gone as low as 4 C a big drop from 50+ C in summer.

Most homes have shutters with no glass in the window well why would you it does not get so cold.  There is no heating either in the homes.  I have a small heater but not much good it does take the chill off a little.

A major problem in winter are mosquitos, I have a mosquito net over the bed.  It is that or turn on the ceiling fan to terminate the mosquitos so to speak.  Of course the ceiling fan reduces the temperature greatly in winter but not in summer.  Crazy world we live in and only in Egypt.

I keep wrapped up warm with warm clothes and blankets if I am sat about at home, like now I have two blankets on my chair whilst working on laptop.  I make a pouch between the two blankets for one of my cats to snuggle in at the back of me.  The other cat curls up in the blankets on the bed.  They are not without their comforts, spoil them I do.

I refuse to complain about it being cold soon it will get too hot and we will be all toasty at 45 C.  I just accept the changes and challenges as they come,  go with the flow with Mother Earth Our Earthly Mother.

In Egypt it is always too something hot or cold to be bothered to get out of bed.

Enjoy your day whilst I am just chilling here.

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