Angels and Demons

Holy Angels of Power

The photo above are Holy Cloud Angels.

Angels and Demons

Holy Angels

Angels should be differentiated into Holy Angels or Satanic Angels/Demons.  Holy Angels  are pure being manifested by Our Heavenly Father and Mother Earth Our Earthly Mother.  They have to be referred to as Holy.  Each Holy Angel or Holy Angelic Group have to keep within their boundaries which have been defined by Our Heavenly Father they are unable to perform tasks like finding your lost pen etc you will have invoked a demon to do this.

Generally speaking Holy Angels have no form they are energy of varying colours.  They will not be negative colours such as black, brown, and grey etc.

Every Holy Angel has an imposter demon therefore call for a Holy Angel.

Angelic Rays

Holy Angel Energy Rays

shadow people

This is a demon not an Holy Angel

When you prayer you can adjure or invoke certain Holy Angels to work with Our Heavenly Father to resolve issues in your life as it is within the boundaries of work. These are areas in your life you have difficulty in resolving without being harmed or enduring further spite or attacks.

All Holy Angels are dedicated to Our Heavenly Father and Mother Earth or the planet they reside on. The Holy Angels expect you to be committed to Our Heavenly Father and Mother Earth before they will help you.  They can only be summoned with the permission of the Our Heavenly Father and Mother Earth.  This means they will complete your requestes provided Our Heavenly Father has approved it can be done.


Demons come in many forms often something that will lure you.  Many demons you see are beautiful to the eye in reality they are foul looking and smelling.

Satan or Lucifer and his followers were the original fallen angels which Our Heavenly Father expelled from the Divine Realms. Over time these demons aquired the knowledge in “creating” evil spirits that is replicating themselves.  Their creation incarnates (devil incarnates) into Earth Form, they take up residency in the physical form from birth. Hence there are evil walking among us.

Imposter Spirits

They pose as imposter spirits appearing like departed family members.  Care has to be taken when trying to communicate with departed family and friends it is best not to invoke them.  Allow the spirit of your departed one come and speak to you.  As the Astral Plane is a battle field these days and there are times which are safer.

I had an experience with this a spirit appeared to me looking and speaking like my son for me it was very emotional and upsetting (note he is alive and some people have the ability to project their spirit).  Then I noticed something wrong with the appearance of the spirit. The replication of my son’s being was not correct.  As a mother there are things only you know are different.  They had made a big mistake, I will not say what was wrong as the demons will correct it and attempt to gain access to me.  On seeing the difference I immediately “Cast them out” in Jesus Christ of Nazareth’s Name/Lord Yeshua or you may be more familiar with banishing to terminate the demon.


Demons will do anything to lure or entrap you.  Many Evil or Dark Practitioners work with demons/evil jinn (not all jinn are evil) to harm innocent people.  They are paid or unpaid when it is to energise themselves.  Evil people energise themselves from others suffering, pain, trauma, bad health.  They become attachments and feed off your energies.  You must “Cast Out” to clear your spiritual bodies.  Drawing in Our Heavenly Father’s Light asking for protection also close all portals that is points of entry or attachment to the evil realms.  Oh yes you would be surprised at the number of contact points where a demonic tentical has attached themselves to you. Everyone has them nobody is immune.

What about war?

Evil become ecstatic with war it is a huge energy rush for them.  Like a bean feast they become so empowered from all the death and suffering which comes with war.


When praying do so in silence as Jesus Christ of Nazareth/Lord Yeshua taught (Matthew 6:6) in your own home.  Speaking out loud the evil around you will know of your issues and add to them.  They will plot to block any movement in your favour.

Where did I learn about evil?

Where did I learn about evil? Who taught me?

Our Heavenly Father taught me through talking with HIM and also experiencing the many attacks from evil.  Our Heavenly Father has taught me and many others how to recognise evil in their Earthly Form it is very apparent on their face.  I learned and this is the only way to learn.

How do you stop or rid yourself of evil?

The correct way is through prayer to Our Heavenly Father and the Holy Angels.  I would definitely recommend you stay clear of dealing with evil yourself too dangerous.  Though many do and it has serious repercussions. Remember this there is no bottom to the depths they will go to in destroying the planet and the people on it.  They will kill off their own to achieve their power.


Do not be afraid this is what the evil demons want.  They can overpower you if you fear them. I tell them to just get on with it and place Our Heavenly Father between myself and them.  Remember to “Cast Out” or “Banish” which ever you prefer.


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