What is Love?

Love is all encompassing it is an amazing energy the strongest form of love comes from Our Heavenly Father it is pure and powerful.  HIS love for us surmounts all mediocre expressions passed out in the name of Love.

  • Love for each other
  • Love of animals
  • Love of Plants
  • Love of the Planets and Universes
  • Love the Air, Water, Fire and Earth
  • Love of the Sea and Oceans and all their life forms
  • Love the collective
  • Love Our Heavenly Father
  • Love Our Mother Earth Our Earthly Mother

Many people believe love is sex. Oh definitely not.  Sex is animal or creature in a bestial form.  About self-gratification with the desire to control another it is not of affection and love.

The intimate relationship should be loving and the Love-Making takes on a different form.  It is full of tenderness, gentleness, respect, adoration.  The energy is intense flowing from Soul Center to Soul Center then throughout the whole body. It is strong and full of passion.

Sending love out to friends, and universe is not just passing a manipulative word about or jumping up and down because this is how New Agers express what they think is love.

Many do understand love but then again more do not.

To be able to spread love you have to have cleared out all the negativity, the evil which has been put in place to hold you back.  The sad point is many refuse to see how evil influences them and others, they are afraid of evil and this is precisely what evil wants your fears.  Your fears make you weak and a poor adversary for Love and the Divine.

Take a responsible stance to spead love throughout the world and universe.

© 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

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