Soul Types

Joining Souls

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Soul Types once again focusing on Good Souls.

Good Souls the creation of Our Heavenly Father and the Divine.  They are pure magnificent orbs of energy.  Souls be them young or ancient Good Souls are manifested with their full potential and majority of their talents or gifts. The Young Good Souls have limitations placed on what they are allowed to do.  As it would unwise to allow the Young Souls loose with knowledge they do not know how to handle and the repercussions that would occur if they remained unsupervised or restricted. Having said this they are encouraged to learn how to use their talents and unharness their potential.

The Good Souls are the only ones capable of love, true love and soul love deep emotional intense love.  When two Good Souls are in a relationship it is strong, full of feeling and understanding.  There is compassion between the two. Soul Love overrides problems and mistakes.  There is a natural pull between the two which is difficult to break.  As the relationship grows so does the Soul love and bond between them strengthen.

Joining Souls

What are the Soul Types?

The supreme beings are master manifestors and natural healers. These are the only Good Souls which can be Twin Flames.  Our Heavenly Father has taken a very evolved Soul and divided it into two.  They are equal and complimentary parts,  the two Souls will have different aspects which complete each other’s talents and some parts very similar.  Surprisingly enough, there are very few Twin Flames especially on Earth. Society and New Age Arena as usual have made a mockery of the Twin Flames on Earth by encouraging people to think everyone has a Twin Flame, No is the answer.  Try to be realistic and question their credibility.

Twin Flames Heterosexual

The supreme beings were Twin Flames that is male and female Souls derived from one soul and divided into two by Our Heavenly Father and the Divine to manifest the perfect pair.  This was done not only as companionship but to create the highest skilled manifestors.  Working and manifesting a balanced energy of a mix of male and female energy.

Twin Flames Same Gender

The same gender Souls were either both male or both female.  These souls were responsible for manifesting the highest masculine energy or highest feminine energy on Earth.  Again they were Twin Flames and Our Heavenly Father divided the original soul into two as with the male and female only difference being they were the same gender.  The heightened male or female energy is essential in manifesting some aspects of the planet.  These people are valuable in life today, the Earth needs them.  In ancient times reproduction was through manifestation not as it is today.  These beautiful souls should not be looked upon as perverted but held in high regard for their abilities.

Twin Flames Reunion

Now is the time for Twin Flames to be brought together which will be the reunion of two people who are a Twin Flame. This will bring with it, relationship problems like other relationships.  They will get along with each other better than the other Good Souls. They will see there is something different about each other, like a knowing. They will see their personalities complete each other. The similarities outweight the differences.  Differences have come about through life’s, and cultural conditioning.  They must always strive to work on a common ground to break through any personal challenges.

Joining Souls

Soul Mates

What are Soul Mates?  Well they are not Twin Flames.

You can only find Soul Mates amidst the myriad of Good Souls.  Many highly compatible Good Souls come together from various soul groups.

What is a Soul Group?

Good Souls are manifested to live in groups and usually have similar nature, development and understanding.  They are from very young or new souls to ancient souls who are lead and supervised within their group.

Once a Good Soul is on the Earth there is not the same supervision and naturally they are attracted to other Good Souls from a different soul group.  This is very acceptable as it is a good learning experience for both. A valuable relationship filled with soul love.

Soul Love will flow from each other creating a special relationship.  There are many Soul Mates on Earth for Good Souls.

Other types of Soul Mates

Soul Mates are not just restricted to humans.  It is possible find a soul mate with a dog, cat, bird, horse, tree, plants  and even a place or country.  Many people have an affinity with a place or even a country.  They notice the difference when they visit or live there.  The life becomes more balanced and enhanced.  They are able to function in a way they could not before.  There are special energies from times gone by which still exist.


Bad and Evil Beings

These are incapable of love in any shape or form.  They only have lust a creature sex drive for self-gratification, no more. Even an animal has more sensitivity.

They do not have soul mates.  When you engage in a relationship with these beings there can only be suffering.  It will be you doing the suffering not them.

Love is just a word of manipulation, an abusive word to gain what these beings want, be it money, sex, and control. Love does not come into it.  There are too many of these beings on Earth sociopaths, psychopaths, and narcissists for an example.

You see they understand a Good Soul looks for love it is their nature to love and receive love.  These beings play them and mess up the Good Soul’s life.  Take care with relationships.  Too many bad or evil on the Earth just waiting to take advantage.  They are male or female, not just male.

Bad and evil are contaminating.  When in a relationship with a bad or evil being you will get contaminated by them, that is, the demons connected to them will start to influence your life too.  You will become sick from the unhealthy relationship.

Beware, Good Souls.

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