Breath of Life


Early this morning I stepped into the courtyard where I live to be greeted by a soft soothing breeze.  The breeze gently removed the harshness I had accumulated over the past few days.  The feelings were making me sad though I have started to reverse my thinking from negative to positive.

I always feel truly blessed from the free gifts given to me from Our Heavenly Father, Mother Earth Our Earthly Mother, Holy Angels of Air and Holy Angels of Winds.

The breeze was exactly what I needed, I lovingly inhaled and exhaled the air or breeze to freshen my whole being.  This brings natural changes into the start of the day.

You know something, these gifts are not just for me they are for everyone.

Gratitude is so important it takes only a moment.  The more you are grateful for the gifts given to you, the more you will receive.  Life is simple, so simple.

I praise Our Heavenly Father and Mother Earth the moment I see, hear or feel their blessings of gifts been given to me.

Try it and you will start to turn your life around.

Breeze 1

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