Well Caught

Caught out


Important to follow your intuition, pay attention to the unsaid words or subtle unkindness.  Read between the lines.  See what is hidden.

Meeting new people care must be taken as they can be subtle in what they do as they hide the real self.

I was feeling uneasy about going to talk to a new person in my life I had a distinct feeling they had a problem with me.  I could not determine what I had done.  The thoughts which kept coming to mind were jealousy.  From my side I see no reason to be jealous, for sure they would not like my life.

I popped into see them, to check if the sisters were all right, I was right I was met with a barage of rage over nothing.  I was shocked at the lack of perception and sensitivity to the situation.  As I had been more concerned over one sister being seriously ill than having time to invite the now infuriated person to my home.  I thought it incorrect to leave a visitor to the village alone, unable to speak the language, and required constant care at that time.  I knew from my own experience of living here how hard it is.  I wanted them to feel they had someone to turn to for extra help, one who spoke the same language. Oh how rude and bad was I for not pandering to their sister’s requests.

I am grateful to Our Heavenly Father bringing their behviour to the front and even more grateful I had not invited them into my home.  I would not like those dark hidden energies dropping all over my sanctuary.  Our Heavenly Father is also subtle in using His protection around us.

The lesson were:

  • Learning to read the signs and not dismiss them.
  • Remain strong and not be bullied.
  • Caught the rage and stopped it.
  • Keeping calm and in control.
  • Doing what is right for all concerned.
  • Walking away not looking back.

Being desparate can lead you down the path to trouble and have I been down that one many times.

On this occasion I was relieved to meet someone from the UK to be able to talk English.  In the beginning I felt they were a kindered spirit, far from it, slowly the subtle comments began to speak loud and clear to me.  I kept quiet and let the things run their course.  Afterall, we had a seriously ill woman her sister in our midst, I was praying they would become better.  They have recovered but not fully.

Do not allow desparation for change in your life make you back down or kowtow to others and you NEED to stand firm in who you are.  You are not a mat for people to wipe their feet on.  I prefer to be alone with my cats than bow to these kinds of people.

Listen to your intuition and follow it.

© 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


3 thoughts on “Well Caught

  1. jonicaggiano says:

    Great advice. I too at one time had a bit of trouble with this one but not so much anymore. My intuition is usually right and when I feel pens and needles that means it is really bad. I don’t believe that God expects us to be beaten up or treated badly over and over again from the same people. We were talking about forgiveness in church on Sunday and he does want us to forgive when it is asked of us and to give people another chance but he doesn’t want us around people that are harmful to ourselves. He wants us to radiate love not hate or discourse. Great piece and so true. Thank you and bless you for sharing. Love Joni

    Liked by 1 person

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