Losing the Plot


Do you feel you are losing the plot in your life?  I do.

There is too much pushing and pulling going on in the world.

  • Those who are greedy with their wants
  • Those who want destruction and war
  • Those who have no idea where they are stood up
  • Those who will accept the perverse world of the evil dream
  • Those who walk with satan
  • Those who desire a better world for everyone to live in
  • Those who like want peace, calm and harmony
  • Those who walk with the Divine

I keep getting to a point where life begins to pan out and swoosh the rug is pulled from beneath me. It really has become a tug of war. Again get up and dust down.  I know from reading many of your posts I see your life is this way for you.  Plod on working through our Divine given tasks, I must say I love working and writing for the Divine, Our Heavenly Father.

Each of us is surrounded by spiritual waters, The Divine Love, Our Heavenly Father’s Love it is there for everyone to drink.  Cleanse and redeem yourself with the Spiritual Waters of life.  There is no need to be mentally and emotionally at sea we can be bouyant afloat in our world.

Be watchful of the ©Evil Dream crawling, creeping around to shroud our hopes and dreams.

Be resilient bounce back.

© 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

12 thoughts on “Losing the Plot

  1. jonicaggiano says:

    Beautifully written and so true. Almost every morning my husband and I talk about the divisive world we live in. However, we know that prayer is our answer and also that worrying as scripture teaches us won’t add a day to our lives so why spend it worrying all the time. You bring up such good points in your push pull summary. So true. We talk a lot about this in our church. We know that we have God and his son Jesus to take care of us and it is such a wonderful feeling to know we are surrounded by his unconditional love. Thank you for this excellent piece. Love you and have a blessed week my friend. Joni

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