foggy morning

Simply be you, Live your life simply

Today I have found peace with myself

The constant fog shrouding my life has to go

I close my eyes to contemplate

I ask of you my soul clear the fog away from my thinking

I have had a long weary road full of pitfalls and potholes

I feel like a Table Tennis Ball being spun from one side of the table to the other

I find an equalibrium and then swoosh spinning again

The sickness ensured made me stronger

I laugh as the games playing were unkind

Yet I found away out

I am used to being resilient scraping myself off the floor

No room to bow down to the life in the gutter lie in your own slime, to live the evil dream is no choice at all.

I keep a constant breath to balance my being

Gratitude is my daily companion

It is a miracle I am here at all

Too much conflict has been coming my way,

I pray it stops today

My Soul fills my mind and being with calm

I can confidently connect to the Divine

© 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

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