To walk away — Emerging From The Dark Night

To walk away does not mean you failed Only that you are tired of trying And placing your energy Into fruitless or used up places Leaving is not always a defeat For sometimes it just takes Wisdom and strength to surrender To truths your ego may rather not face And I have heard it said […]

via To walk away — Emerging From The Dark Night

My comment to Deborah’s post is a continuation of thoughts.

To walk away from something in which you have given your all is not failure sometimes it is them who have failed.

Enough is enough how much more are you expected to take.

Move on is the right decision and if they or that path is the right one it will open up again in a different manner.  Sometimes we and them have lessons to learn alone.

Perhaps you are all looking in different directions then it is time to part a difficult one often emotionally wrenching.

I came into situations prepared to reach out with open arms only to find dealing with closed minded people too hard.  No amount of kindness or putting the hand of friendship out changed anything.  Then I became the difficult one.  It was not me who cut my dearest cat’s neck, it was not me who was trying to break the water pipe to my home and numerous more incidents.

I refuse to interact with these people for they will only look to try and find badness with me.  The less you say or do the less they can hold against you.  Impossible for us to look in the same direction.  Find the strength to be alone and forget them.

Look for another door and path to move you in a better suited direction.



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