Why Light a Candle?

Ligth a Candle

Simply be you, Live your life simply


Why Light a Candle?

When you have an everlasting Light within you, a Light which was manifested by the Divine to burn for infinity to connect you directly with Our Heavenly Father and the Divine.

The time it takes for you to prepare the candle, light it and sit down you could have strengthened the link between you and the Divine enhancing your own light making your soul burn more brightly.  Expanding your Soul Love and flame.

I have learned buying frippery is a waste of time and money not everyone can afford to buy candles I know I cannot buy them anymore.  The more simple you make your connection with your soul and the Divine the better it is for you.  You just have to have commitment, a clear space to talk to the Divine and Our Heavenly Father.  The purest and cleanest part of you is your Soul. Your body is just a shell which you inhabit whilst on Earth. Some shells have become unfit for purpose.

The Light within your Soul maybe very small but you are in control of this.  It is up to you to learn how to enhance your Soul and the Light within.

I have from time to time burnt candles for people in their times of need but far better to do a small prayer and send healing this is more effective and quicker.  The candles burn out but my healing love from my soul is constant.

It is wiser to empower yourself and your soul than a candle which does not last for long.

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