Morning Splendour

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I wake up very early every morning and it is with gratitude to receive these blessings from the clouds, Holy Cloud Angels they just swoosh across the sky.  The displays have been amazing and for many days.  Our Heavenly Father and Mother Earth are sending me gifts to share.  Usually the sky is just clear no clouds and very blue.

The main thing I love about Egypt is the sky it is very cosmic it opens up and shows much splendour this has been embedded into the energy of Egypt by the Ancient ones so powerful.

Yesterday on my camel trek with Salato he was amazed as I kept pointing out the clouds, the sky and the desert.  Salato could feel the desert as this is a much lower energy very grounding and people love to do overnight camping. Peace, so peaceful I could feel this as we walked across the desert.  I would like to camp out but it is far too cold for me at the moment.  The clouds are a much higher vibration so I was teaching Salato something new and this will raise his personal vibrations.

If you really need to chillout then Camel Trekking is for you and only go with Ali or Salato as they will care for you…… see my previous post Let’s Go Camel Trekking this has all the information to contact them.  Do not go with a tour guide as they are greedy for money.

The night sky full of stars and bright moon is awesome, breath-taking. If you are sensitive and spiritually aware the camel trekking is for you.  There is so much to be gained from this kind of adventure.

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