Let’s Go Camel Trekking

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Wow what an experience I had a very short ride a couple of days ago and I felt all right riding with Salato.  I had a camel ride in Hurghada and that was an experience I did not wish to repeat the saddle was very sharp and they got the the camel to stand I was in so much pain told them to put me down…. ummm

I met Salato and Ali with a new British friend before Christmas they were among the many new people met over the Holiday Season from Greece, Italy, Germany, USA.  I have been living in this village for 8 months and had not met them before.

I had promised Salato that I would go on a longer trekk with him.  I do not know why everything I do has problems.

Both Salato and Ali care for their camels and other animals they are well fed with first class fodder.  Now Ali has started to grow his own Clover for the animals especially the camels this saves on costs also he knows exactly what they are eating.  Ali also grows his own vegeables and fruit this is a first.  He had to prepare the land along with stripping down a generator to pump water to irrigate the crops.  Ali was not here today would be looking after his mother.  My British friend and I ate there over the Holiday Season Ali’s sister cooks every other day so we would visit Ali’s Mother when the food was fresh.

It was amazing and as I was say I seem to have problems.  Today was getting on the camel, why oh why my clothes have to stick to the saddle and I cannot move to sit properly on the camel.  Cazanova and Salato both were very patient with me.  Finally we are off at a gentle pace I seemed to tune into Cazanova’s thoughts which I found amusing.  Salato commanded Cazanova to go faster, I got the thought no, then again Salato urged Cazanova to go faster and the thoughts were the lady will not like it.  Cazanova would pick up his pace but quickly slowed down.  Everytime Salato tried to move along quickly Cazanova refused, such a beautiful camel wonderful temperament.

Salato encouraged me to ride Cazanova by myself hesitantly I agreed after sitting properly on the camel, the camel was so easy to change directions just a slight pull on the rein left or right and Cazanova moved in the direction, grateful it was not a battle of wills.

We are in winter and this week has been bitterly cold it was a maximum of 19 C dropping to 7 C now in the evening, for many it meant muscles and joints becoming stiff making it harder to get on the camel, sit properly.

I had to get off as my legs were beginning to cramp, Cazanova was happy for me to get down which was easier than getting on.  Cazanova quickly trotted down the sand dune to get his dinner. We walked down the rest of the way it was very easy even though it was deep soft sand.

I would definitely recommend to go camel trekking with Salato or Ali they are kind, respectful men who care for their camels as they do their customers or tourist groups.  Whilst my friend and I were there they had a group of 35 tourists for a long camel trek.  Everything was well organised with good camel drivers.

Salato has just created a Hostel suitable for Backpackers and the like.  Very clean, spacious.

Salato Hostel


Salato – Mobile  +20112 514 8503

Salato’s Mother has a guesthouse near to his Hostel worth checking with Salato for availability she is known for her cuisine.

Ali – Mobile  +20106 711 9723


The coloured orbs above Cazanova’s head are Holy Angels. Only after choosing the photos could I see the orbs.


I don’t believe it the Lady brought her Holy Angels

The clouds shaped like spaceships were seen constantly all day it was very gratifying for me at least.  In the distance you can see the outline of the old St Simeon Monastery and a new Coptic Church.  This was as far as we got but would like to travel further the peace was perfect for me and the air so clean.


New Tourist Center

New Tourist Center is out in the desert all of this is new to me.  I found it very interesting.  Both Salato and Ali are involved in the new project or projects going on now.   It will include a new Nubian Museum with artefacts from the local people included in the displays.

As promised I found and wrote about something positive, then it takes the right people to cross your path.  It really upsets me meeting people who are so negative and difficult to deal with.  I always prefer to turn a situation into a positive one.

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