Holy Cloud Angels 1


This morning’s imagery I am so enchanted by the Holy Cloud Angels.  Lately I have been feeling very cool and cold even though the day is warm.  The Cool or Cold is an indication of high level Holy Angels and Holy Archangels around to care and protect.  They draw close so you can feel them.

Why so I call them Holy Angels?   To differentiate between the Holy Angels of Our Heavenly Father and Mother Earth. Satan has fallen angels who are imposter angels masquerading as the Holy Angels.  What a complicated life it is especially with Evil interfering with everything.

So if cold or cool represent High Level Holy Angels then what does heat mean.

The heat you feel on your body sometimes intense is evil beings, renegrade djinn, demons being healed off if you have asked for healing or help.  This summer with my leg and foot, perspiration poured off me and grateful it was also hot in temperature the cold showers were welcome in the removal of the evil.  Evil or demons give off a heat a burning sensation you might call it a fever.  Hot and cold sweats as they battle for control. Keeping faith Our Heavenly Father takes control and wins the battle.

If you look closely at the clouds you will see many faces somewhat eerie at times.

I find it gratifying to see the clouds over the house I live in expecially the one where the clouds funnel into a gap.

Please enjoy nature with glory and love in which it is freely given.

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