Something Sweet


When asking for guidance today I asked Our Heavenly Father for something sweet to write about as I could sense lingering thoughts.

Jezebel is far from sweet and all her co-spirits so evil.  The information had to be shared in the hope it will help another who is struggling with life.

I know many of my posts are rather poignant they are also about my own experiences.  I love the people on our Earth so much it pains me to know of their deep pain.  I have to write the posts as this is what Our Heavenly Father wants.  I have to write in a simple form with no religion attached to it so it makes it more available to everyone.  There are plenty who write quoting scriptures and another one is not required as people feel they are exempt from being included in the message.

Keep it simple for everyone do not exclude them from being able to connect with Our Heavenly Father.

© 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserve

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