It must have been an illusion


Simply Be You, Live Your Life Simply

Lately I have been noticing a change in the River Nile it used to be always sapphire blue and now it is dull and uninteresting.  The energy is dead.

I believed I could feel the Healing Energies and Upliftment when I went sailing.

Toward the end of December I went for long sail by motorboat and was sensing the river as we sailed along.  On the way back to Aswan I kept asking Our Heavenly Father where did I get the idea the river was very spiritual as I can no longer feel this.

Was it an illusion?

Did I delude myself into believing this to be true?

I kept telling myself you fool.

The River is not clean this is due to how the people treat it with rubbish strewn everywhere especially disposable nappies, say no more.  The cruiseships empty their slurry, along with the Coca Cola Factory, chemical factory and oncology hospital making it highly toxic.

I truly feel I do not belong and the people show me this every time I venture out. Perhaps it has something to do witht my new neighbours telling me to go, go back home. Ah getting nothing from me.  Some people have false friends because they have bought the friendship. I have a few good friends I can turn to.  There is nowhere to go to relax or get relief as the lifestyle is not about this, the focus is on money and greed.  How to take as much from the tourists or foreigners as possible.  They believe we owe them a living, with our banks overflowing an endless supply of cash.  Many of them have more money than us try telling them that.  You have it and they want it.

My resilience has been increased, with my closeness to Our Heavenly Father so strong it has to be to live here.

I pray to bring closure on all outstanding issues here so I can leave.

Everything has its time and place.  People brought to walk beside my path who feel the same way I do. Good to share and a relief knowing it is not just me.

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