How Simple It is!

Talking with a friend yesterday and they told me they are often speaking with Our Heavenly Father, asking for forgiveness and daily guidance.  I was so happy to hear this finally their choice.

This is how simple prayer is and talking with Our Heavenly Father working with HIM is so easy.  Some people like to turn it into a chore.  When it is filled with love, pure desire it is easy.

No need to pray in a building or read scriptures.  The word of Our Heavenly Father flows easily to us and it is NOW and relevant to us and our life.

This is available to everyone, anyone can do this it is not magic or a party trick and game.  Our Heavenly Father wants all the connections to be simple and easy to follow.  We can pray as we walk along the street, in the shops, driving, Praying Polar Bearat work, anywhere pray in silence then it is a private conversation between Our Heavenly Father and You.

Animals prayer and seek guidance as we make their live difficult.  They have to know where to find food, where to hide their young from us.

Oh Yeah I can do this, You can do this, We can do this, Do this now!

More than ever Our Heavenly Father is making it easier for all to connect with HIM.

Just do it!

©2019 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

6 thoughts on “How Simple It is!

  1. jonicaggiano says:

    So true. God bless you for encouraging prayer. It is such a wonderful part of my life and my husband’s life and he answers them in so many ways. We are so blessed and we try so hard to remember to be thankful for everything which is so hard to remember to do because there are so many things. Being around people who have never experienced a warm shower in their lives in Haiti who have naked children with orange hair from malnutrition that are starving really does wake you up. So thank you for reminding people of how important praying is and how easy it is to pray as well. Great post my friend. Love Joni

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