Many have suffered


It is the time of the year many people are trying to bring closure to the issues they have in their lives.  We write about our trauma and suffering.

Why?  To help others know they are not on their own.  Perhaps we have experienced similar trauma and suffering but none is identical.  Our experiences are unique.

Nothing wrong in sharing your suffering telling us about what you are going through, this helps you to release and especially if you gain support from sympathetic others.

You may not wish to tell others this is all right too.  Sharing it with Our Heavenly Father, is often the best.  I talk through everything with HIM, let’s face it life is not easy, not easy for anyone.

I seem to encounter too much without actually doing anything to warrant it.  This too is life the divide between good and evil is getting stronger, defined and clearer.  Evil people feel guilty just from our energy, at least those who are still capable of feeling.  Feelings of self-pity not remorse.

Send out prayers of Soul Love to all who strive to define their lives, clear out the old clutter they no longer have use for or people who are detrimental to our well being, this is not easy if you are dealing with tricky people and this is where Our Heavenly Father is the expert.  Step by step Our Heavenly Father will guide you out of tricky situations.

Make a commitment today to Our Heavenly Father.

© 2019 Nanette de Ville – All Right Reserved

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