Pure Light Came Into the World

Beam of Light

A love that was born into our world to ignite the soul of humankind sent by Our Heavenly Father came into being on Earth.

The land we call the Middle East was full a darkness and its power was growing.  The simple teachings and laws of Our Heavenly Father were disappearing and being replaced with complex nonsense.

Our Heavenly Father chose a pure being to make changes in this region and he was called Yeshua, Lord Yeshua or more commonly known as Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  The letter “J” did not come into being until the 1600s, research on Google.

Lord Yeshua taught his followers how to do simple prayer and to pray inside the home in silence (Matthew 6:6). As it was considered hypocrasy to pray out loud in the street and temples.  Yeshua showed his followers the changes which loving your neighbour brought to the local society but this was resented by those in power.  Those in power were a people of chaos and disruption.  At that time there were other people inhabiting the Earth and they had no need to be re-taught Our Heavenly Father’s Laws as the obeyed and followed their Elder’s guidance and teachings.

To this day Lord Yeshua is a magnificent Being one of purity and truth.  Lord Yeshua was chosen for us to follow his examples of how to live life according to Our Heavenly Father’s Laws and they were kept simple so everyone could understand.  Lord Jeshua taught using parables or short stories to create a visual image easily understood in the same way a child’s story is written today simple and descriptive.

Every day is a day of celebration of the birth of Lord Yeshua and Our Heavenly Father.  The church or temples were and are full of corruption, the need for power and control they drifted away from the Laws put in place by Our Heavenly Father.  The corrupted laws were used as a template to create the order of governing our Earth so much so the populace as a whole is destroying Mother Earth and her manifestations.  I find it disheartening this was allowed to come into being too many bow down to evil.

Let’s celebrate this and every day as Lord Yeshua taught his followers.  Each and everyone of us must reach up a pull the Light from Our Heavenly Father to fill our world with immense Light and Love to break through the darkness shrouding our planet.

© 2019 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

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