Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

Oh Sacred and Holy Day in the year.  Winter Solstice is one of the four Cosmic Holy Days the days are created by nature and the cosmos.  They are not man-made and they occur at the same time every year.

Winter solstice 4

Today is the shortest day of the year with the least number of daylight hours.  Often a day looked upon negatively due to the lack of light.  Winter Solstice is a Holy Day a time for closure on things we must let go in life.  This is very important we review our life and bring what is required to a closure.  The day is dark and the night is long enabling us to relax, contemplate on our past and learn to understand our past and accept it as such.  Then release the pain, suffering, trauma which is ready to go.  Now you are ready to start the new cycle.

Winter solstice 7

Tomorrow is the day when the Sun begins to spiral expanding the daylight time.  It is a time to sow seeds to germinate for the Spring Solstice.  You will feel the warmth within increasing encouraging you to put forth new ideas and plans.

Winter Solstice 5

Energy starts to flow and details for the new gather momentum.  There is no need to rush allow yourself to spiral and expand with the creative energy.  Take steps to create your new start.  It is time to plant ideas to grow and fill them with love.

winter solstice 6

Enjoy this day of nurturing and freedom.  Let go of the past which holds you back and the people who wish you harm.  Move on and close the door on them and lock it leaving them behind where they belong or to walk on a different path as you are no longer looking in the same direction.

Winter Solstice 3

This is a day of many prayers, talks with the Divine, listening to the Soul to clear out baggage.  A day of gaining greater understanding of yourself.

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