These Three Things – My Thoughts

Rest Stop Desert Landscape

I really enjoy Barb’s writing and today I found myself commenting on her lovely post this morning:

These 3 Things

We merrily go on our way daily following the roads and we come to junctions or rest areas where we must take rest and nourishment for the onward journey.  Analysing the choices which are presented to us or do we just rest and take what flows naturally our way.

passing place

On the narrow roads the ones we have to hold on tight to drive with more care and giveway to others by pulling into the passing places so they can move on quicker to keep to their working schedule.  These are times when courtesy to others is paramount we all have differing ways of approaching life but these passing points are moments we share with others on our journey even if briefly.

Please enjoy Barb’s post she writes some good inspiration.

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