Our Manifestations


Our manifestations – Our heavenly Father manifests a Soul Group with a myriad of souls.

The Lord and Ladies of the Most High help to mold and shape each individual soul manifesting a unique being.  Some souls have similar qualities but not identical. The souls are sprinkled throughtout the Universal Consciousness.  Eventual you find your ways to meet each other over time and space.

You are here to help each other along their path not to compete as there is no competion. Give support and Soul Love.  Let each other grow in and within their own manifested spiritual template.

All of you have struggles and obstacles to face in your lives some are for growth and strength.  Others have been temptation by evil to bring you down to stop you achieving your goal.  This in turn has been turned around to bring positivity and help to your Soul Mates who have fallen from grace through the intervention of evil.  Hold a space of Divine Light to assist the growth and upliftment for others.

Your Lights are beacons in this Divine Consciousness.   Those on Earth are growing and expanding Lights under the shroud of darkness for evil has much control.

Always remember Mother Earth your Earthly Mother who provides your sustainance and gives you ability to grow.

Everyone has a right to live and flourish as Our Heavenly Father manifested them in this way.

Please question and analyse life and those around you be less accepting as you will find yourself surrounded by evil.  They soon multiply and gather up for strength.

Be more accepting of yourself.  Everyone has made mistakes and everyone has been given the right of redemption though few choose to be redeemed as it is too difficult.  The lure of evil seems the easier route but is it, alas it comes at a great price.

Join together on a soul and spiritual level.  Recognise the beauty from your group, pull on the united strength.  Some are stronger than others, some have more love, some are more creative, some have more understanding. Learn to share and integrate.  United you stand and impact the evil and bring it down.

Lotus Flower

© 2019 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

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