Try Listening

Try Listening

So many people complain and moan about being isolated from what they considered to be life and the normal way of things.

Our Heavenly Father does isolate us for many reasons for our own good.

Our Heavenly Father isolates us because HE wants us to draw near to get closer to HIM.

Try Listening:

  1. Take your head out the books be them fiction or scriptures – Listen
  2. Switch your TV off and give time to the Lord Our Heavenly Father – Listen
  3. Take those ear plugs out and off your head give your Soul and Mind a chance to hear the Divine. – Listen
  4. Stop talking aimlessly about nothing – Listen

Our Heavenly Father wants you to hear it direct from HIM how much HE loves you. Try Listening

Our Heavenly Father wants to talk about your problems and life journey with you.  Try Listening this will be to your advantage.

Do you think hearing Our Heavenly Father is for a few and could not be you.  You are so wrong.  Our Lord wants us all to draw close to HIM. HE wants this special closeness with everyone if they will only LISTEN.

Our Lord is living and understands today’s world and has the answers if we only Listen.


© 2019 Nanette de Ville All Rights Reserved.

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