Good Has No Religion

No religion

I spend a lot of time people watching as I do not have much else to do.  I came to the conclusion sometime ago that people are good because they are good not through following a particular religion.

This is why when I write I always state whatever belief system a person follows which is leading them direct to Our Heavenly Father.

We all have unique journies to Our Heavenly Father and our ways of working are unique too as our style and words reach different types of people.  I encourage this especially those who work directly from their Soul and not out moded scriptures and quotes which are easily found on Google.  To me there is nothing worse than if I have politely responded or disagreed with someone on their topic to have Bible Chapters thrown at me.  I was raised a Christian and I have no need for this rudeness nobody needs this kind of rudeness.  Try using your own words to reply.

At least I use my own words because I understand Our Heavenly Father and able to discern what is good for me and perhaps might suit others too.

The work I do is inaccordance to Our Heavenly Father’s desires and for some reason many people are afraid of the subjects I talk about — ummm be that evil for they fear they are evil.

Well if you do not know whether you are evil or not that is a big question and only Our Heavenly Father can answer you on this one.   There are too many evil people on the Earth.  Though there are many who will try to convince you otherwise.

For those who believe Jesus Christ of Nazareth died to save your sins so you can go do what you like because you will be all right at the end of the day, think again.  Jesus Christ of Nazareth died because he was betrayed by the people who were the closest to him and those who followed him.  They bowed to evil as people do who are weak when the going gets tough and are minions of evil.  I cannot  understand why so many follow and believe those who betrayed Jesus Christ of Nazareth isn’t this hypocracy.  What happened to thinking for yourself?

You have to save yourself by working through all your own mistakes and issues nobody is going to wave a wand over you.  Our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ of Nazareth and an immense number of Holy Angels are there to help but they all require one thing that is dedication to being good.  Holy Angels require dedication to Our Heavenly Father on a daily basis before they will help you.

Working with Our Heavenly Father is simple yet it can be complicated at times.

For those who expect to be given will find it hard as they have to give in order to receive.

Before you start looking down on someone who is not of the same faith as you remember this –


Man created religion God, Our Heavenly Father did not.

© 2019 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

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